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I was named Senan by my father Patrick Gilsenan who hoped I might become an author one day and thought that this name would look good on the cover of a book. He was an Irish printer who yearned to see his own prose and poetry appear in print. Sadly he died before achieving either ambition.
I left behind the beauty of Sligo in Ireland to set off for London and make a succession of bad career choices. These included working ten years as a computer systems engineer, and many years as a bar manager and also as an employment adviser. Of course, writing is not a career choice, it is more of avocation or lifestyle choice. Calling yourself an author is much akin to admitting you have an alcohol or drug dependency. It means that you will opt to live in your imagination rather than the real world and usually be broke. Yet it is the age-old art of the storyteller, building worlds and painting characters which will live on long after you have gone.
It is the job of a writer to visually transport a reader to a place he or she is unlikely to venture. Then without alienating them, it is to introduce them to a pattern of thought that may differ from their own.
My writing is not typical of the science fiction and dystopian genres. It is more visionary, in that it examines the effect of technology and bio-engineering on future society. He is an adamant believer that humans will integrate more and more with technology in order to keep up with the deluge of technological advances created by the advent of artificial intelligence. I believe that this emergent sentience will be shaped by human interaction, much the same as a child.
My own interests include psychology, noetic science, physics, theology & philosophy and ancient history. I agree with RR Martin who said that any writer who is looking for an intriguing character, a gripping scenario or plot twist, needs look no further than the pages of a history book.
I still live in London where I have got married and have brought up a family.

alternative blog ~  http://sieveoftruth.wordpress.com/


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