The story of Audrina & River

Click on picture to take you to free download of these edited excerpts from Beyond the Pale (the outlander)
Click on picture to open PDF free download of these edited excerpts from Beyond the Pale (the outlander)

Audrina and River are two of the main characters in the story Beyond the Pale (the outlander). Audrina is a tall striking beauty who always dresses to impress. She has inherited her mother Valerie’s good looks, and uses them much to her advantage to get what she wants, not least in her role as a financial sales consultant. She is gregarious and has many friends, but few boyfriends. Most dates have considered her a femme fatale and also a bit of a shrew. She knows that she is difficult to handle and so instead prefers one off couplings and brief sexual liaisons in which she does not have to commit to anyone.
She is the daughter of Major Nathan Carlson who is an intelligence and security officer in the future dystopian city of New Denver. She shares her parent’s residence along with her highly intelligent but withdrawn younger brother Anton.
When Nathan Carlson has a potentially lethal accident while conducting a sporting interest in the outlands, his life is saved by River. This handsome 23yr old mixed race Native American risks his own liberty by approaching the wounded security officer. River is from an illegal outlander community in what was once the State of Colorado. He is smart, strong, and more than capable of taking care of himself. He is light skinned due to his mixed heritage, tall, lean and athletically built and has quite a special physiology.
Despite taking due caution whilst ministering to Nathan’s injuries, he is seized by military Rangers and taken against his will to be processed as a new citizen of the New Denver metropolis. This is a one way ticket in which the authorities will not allow River to ever leave, or even say goodbye to his own family outside. Major Nathan Carlson decides to intervene and takes custody of the imprisoned young outlander. He fully intends to secretly help him return outside the restricted boundary walls of the citadel. In the meanwhile, River will have to come live with him and spend some time with the Carlson family.
It seems inevitable from the moment that River meets Audrina that the two are destined to be lovers. There is smouldering sexual chemistry between them and River is completely smitten with her. However they will have to overcome a strong underlying personality clash. River is an alpha male with a cultural background which expects him to be strong. Audrina is a year older, and has a dominant and assertive personality. She is daddy’s little princess, and as a result has been brought up to get what she wants and expects to be the the centre of attention. Behind the outer facade of both their characters, they are just two young people who are attracted to each other, and have a lot of love to give.



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